About Us

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Standard Title Group, LLC is a privately-owned, title insurance company offering a full complement of title insurance, commercial, and residential real estate settlement services with an emphasis on services unique to real estate developers.  Standard Title Group enjoys being underwritten by, and a partner to, Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, Stewart Title Guaranty Company, and Westcor Land Title Insurance Company, three of the nation’s largest, fastest growing and most trusted title insurance companies. While benefiting greatly by the national and international cache and reputation of our Underwriters, Standard Title Group is best known for the independent, “boutique” atmosphere, defined by the personal attention and timely, knowledgeable service that clients receive from every member of the Standard Title Group team.

Standard Title Group was founded by Kevin D. Anderson, a real estate and tax attorney, in 2015. Building on nearly 20 years of experience in the title and legal real estate industries, Standard Title was created with the intent of creating a highly-skilled and attentive team, dedicated to meeting each client's unique needs. We know full well that our clients have countless options when it comes to title insurance and legal service providers. However, we believe that most people choose to do business with people who truly appreciate and care about them and their transactions. It is our culture and ideals of personal service, accountability, and attention to detail that sets us apart.

Standard Title Group raises the standard of excellence when it comes to your real estate transactions. Our unmatched expertise in residential and commercial real estate and closing services, ensure that no matter your needs, Standard Title will ensure that your transactions are handled smoothly and professionally.